Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

If you have been searching for unique bathroom vanity ideas at your local stores, you may have noticed that many of the standard vanities offered today are starting to look quite a bit alike. They often don’t offer the character you are looking for in order to add that unique touch to your bathroom’s decor. Since a vanity often makes the biggest impact on your bathroom’s design, it is important to choose one that offers an abundance of style and features.

Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

  • Think outside of the box. You may have noticed that most bathroom vanities are rectangular in shape. In order to give your bathroom a truly unique appeal, consider installing a vanity that boasts a curved design.
  • Consider a dresser style vanity to bring an up-scale look and feel to your bathroom. Regardless of whether your style is vintage or modern, a dresser style vanity can offer the functionality you need in a design that is certain to compliment your decor.
  • If maximizing space is a concern, opt for a smaller single vanity that offers cabinet or drawer space underneath, or build upon the vertical space in your bathroom and search for designs that offer floor to ceiling cabinetry in order to increase storage potential.
  • Make use of tight quarters. Consider a vanity that is designed to fit snugly into a corner of your bathroom. A diagonal arrangement can give the illusion of added area without compromising floor space.
  • For a more traditional feel, consider a built-in style vanity. Built-in pieces typically offer more storage space than their free-standing counterparts, since this type of vanity is made to fit snugly against the walls and no excess space is left unused.
  • Sometimes less is more. Those who are interested in a more modern style will appreciate the impact that hard lines and a more simple design have on a bathroom’s decor. Choose a black, block style vanity and consider purchasing matching cabinetry and shelving to create a clean, contemporary design.
  • Double sink vanities are the perfect solution for couples who share a bathroom, and there is a wide variety of options available that are designed to fit almost any decor. Make the most of your vanity by choosing a furniture-style design that offers plenty of counter space and extra storage.
  • If a double sink vanity just doesn’t seem to give you enough elbow room, and space allows, consider purchasing two single vanities and place a matching cabinet, shelf, or make-up station in between.
  • For an even more unique option, choose a “floating” vanity. While a floating vanity doesn’t actually open up more usable space, the open floor area underneath draws the eye upward and gives the illusion of added area.
  • If you are interested in a spa-like style, there are a number of bathroom vanity ideas that are appealing. Choose a vanity that offers frosted glass door fronts that reflect natural light, or consider a vanity that is constructed completely from glass.
  • A vintage style vanity can give your bathroom the feel of an expensive retreat. Compliment a freestanding, antique style vanity with a vintage medicine cabinet or mirrors, and add vintage bathroom fixtures to complete the design.
  • For a tropical bathroom, choose a vanity that offers shutter style door fronts, and consider a floating basin. Complete the look with live or artificial greenery.
  • Choose a vanity that offers matching shelving and cabinetry to create a custom look that is one of a kind.

Luxury Living Direct offers a massive variety of unique, handcrafted bathroom vanities that are designed with your one of a kind taste in mind. With everything from contemporary style to vintage, you are certain to find the perfect bathroom furnishings and fixtures to compliment your home. Visit Luxury Living Direct for more unique bathroom vanity ideas, and enjoy high quality, hand crafted vanities, competitive prices and fast and free shipping.

13 Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Are you suffering from a small bathroom decorating dilemma? Is that tiny space cramping your style? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many homes, especially older homes, have been designed to provide spacious kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, and bathrooms are often left to sacrifice. If your small bathroom has got you feeling a little bit claustrophobic, there are a variety of products and small bathroom remodel ideas that can not only provide you with increased functionality, but can give the illusion of a larger space as well.

Making the Most of Minimal Space with these Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

  1. Lighting can make all the difference when you are trying to make a small space seem larger. Make use of natural light from windows by using sheer window coverings in order to let the light flow through, or incorporating glass-block windows, insets and even divider walls in your bathroom design. Another option is to add custom light fixtures that hang from high ceilings to draw the eye upward and give the illusion of more space. If you don’t have especially high ceilings, consider installing recessed lighting which is unobtrusive and adds brightness and charm to a small area.
  2. Consider each element in your bathroom, and whether or not it takes up more space than it actually needs. Replace a space-stealing double vanity with a smaller, single vanity or pedestal sink, or maximize your space without compromising functionality by replacing freestanding showers and bathtubs with a combination tub/shower unit.
  3. Mirrors, when properly placed, can create the illusion of added space. Place mirrors strategically throughout your small bathroom to make your space appear larger.
  4. Remove clutter by adding custom, built-in cabinetry. Think on terms of organized storage for towels and necessary toiletries, and make use of the space behind doors and underneath sinks.
  5. Create flow within your bathroom decor by installing matching bathroom fixtures, cabinetry, and/ or counter tops. An excellent example is the Lifestyle Collection seen below. As you can see, incorporating matching patterns, colors or styles can have a big impact on a smaller space.
  6. Perhaps one of the small bathroom remodel ideas that hold the most impact is to use light or brightly colored wall paint, cabinet and counter top finishes and light colored floor coverings to make your bathroom space appear larger. Paler colors on walls, counter tops, cabinetry and floors will give the illusion of added space, especially when accented with dark or contrasting colors on accessories and wall decor.
  7. Think vertically. Continue bathroom tile designs, mirrors or cabinetry from floor to ceiling. Not only does the vertical continuity give the illusion of a more spacious area, but adding height to cabinetry maximizes storage space as well.
  8. Get creative and consider installing recessed shelves, medicine cabinets and cabinetry in order to open up floor space without compromising storage. Recessed storage is shelving, cabinetry or other storage that is built into the wall.
  9. Replace your frosted shower doors or shower curtains with clear glass doors in order to open up the bath/shower area and make it appear that it is part of the rest of the room.
  10. Consider installing a suspended toilet or bathroom sink. Although you won’t actually save a lot of usable space, suspended fixtures will trick the eye into believing that there is more space.
  11. Crown molding, wainscoting, a chair rail or even painted border will help draw the eye upward and visually expand a small bathroom. When making your selection, however, it is important to remember not to use anything too large or brightly colored to avoid overpowering your small space.
  12. Choose bathroom sink faucets that stand tall in place of those that offer a more spread out design. Not only will you save some much needed space around your sink, but the vertical design will add height as well.
  13. Think outside the box. Consider the shape and available space in your bathroom when selecting bathroom fixtures. Maximize your space by installing a corner sink, corner shower or bathtub, or even a corner toilet. Get even more creative with the use of today’s curved designs.

Your bathroom doesn’t need to be spacious to make a big impact. By incorporating some of these small bathroom remodel ideas, your tiny space can be transformed into a cozy and luxurious bathroom in no time.

How to Install Wall-Mounted Bathroom Cabinets

When creating your custom bathroom, there are so many choices in style, price, and layout. One of the most common choices after fixture like the toilet and tub is to add a wall mount bathroom cabinet. A medicine cabinet is a great wall mount bathroom cabinet choice due to the classic look and versatility of the item. Store everything from your toothbrush to cold medicine out of site and off the counter, while adding a convenient mirror system to help you get ready every morning. Installing these flush mount cabinets is actually quite simple, if you just follow these easy steps.

jmc 67650 1 How to Install Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets


A proper installation for your wall mount bathroom cabinet requires a few tools. Gather these items before you get started:

  • Stud finder
  • Utility knife
  • Keyhole saw
  • Flashlight
  • Level
  • Hacksaw blade
  • Handsaw
  • Rasp
  • Power drill (either cordless or plug-in)

Additional Materials

In addition to these items, you may also want:

  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • Safety Goggles
  • Wood Screws
  • Toggle Bolts
  • Wood adhesive
  • 6-8 foot 2×4
  • Caulk

jmc 67650 3 How to Install Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets

Step 1

Hold the cabinet against the wall where it will be hung and mark the spot. It’s handy to have a helper for this part. Mark the bottom and top of the cabinet. Measure straight up from the sink to center it. Set your level on top of the cabinet to make sure your measurements are plumb.

Step 2

Use the stud finder to locate any studs within your drawn cabinet outline. Cut 4 inch inspection holes around the studs to look behind the drywall with the keyhole saw. Make sure the cuts are shallow and look for any additional wires. Contact an electric or plumbing professional if any of these utilities are in the way and blocking your install.

*An alternate method at this stage would be to mark the studs and screw the cabinet in without cutting the wall. This method is used for screw in cabinets, instead of flush wall mounting.

Step 3

Once inspection is complete, cut the remaining drywall out around your drawn cabinet outline. Use the keyhole saw and remove the remaining drywall pieces, being careful not to mar or scratch the edges that will remain visible in your bathroom.

Step 4

Clear the opening of any loose debris. Use the hacksaw blade to cut and remove protruding drywall screws. Wrap the blade with tape to avoid cutting yourself and create a handle. jmc 67650 4 How to Install Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets

Step 5

Cut the stud that is blocking any flush placement of your cabinet. Use the rasp and utility knife to remove any jagged edges. Dry fit the cabinet and keep adjusting until the cabinet fits perfectly into the opening, including opening doors and moving parts.>

Step 6

Use 2x4s to create blocking in the cut opening. Hold the 2×4 up to the bottom of the opening to measure, and use a handsaw to cut to length. Repeat this process three more times for the top and sides. Use an adhesive to on both ends to attach the wood, and then secure in place with screw driven through the drywall and into the blocking.

Step 7

Put the wall mount bathroom cabinet into the opening, and fit it flush against the 2×4 blocking. Drive drywall screws through the side of the cabinet and into the opening, attaching it to the blocking. If there are any jagged or unsightly edges at this point, you can use caulk to create a seamless finish.

Step 8

At this point your cabinet base should be installed, and it’s time to reattach the doors and hardware. Reassemble your wall mount bathroom cabinet and attach the shelves. Now it’s time to stock up all your toiletry items.

Now that you understand how the wall mount bathroom cabinet process works, it’s time to choose the right medicine cabinet for your home. With a large selection in choices and size, there are options to find everyone the right fit. A great option for a family or larger bath is the Confiant 50″ mirror cabinet, which feature moveable mirrors and three different sections for storage. Smaller models are also available, especially great for a guest bath or a renovated older house. If you have questions about cabinet installation, you can always talk to your local expert for both advice and sales assistance.


How to Choose the Right Paint and Lighting for Your Bathroom

Waking up to the same boring bathroom every morning can put a damper on your whole day. The wrong lighting can make you look as if you didn’t get enough sleep, and the wrong paint color on the walls, paired with the wrong lighting, can really wreak havoc on your self-esteem. Don’t be a victim of poor lighting or drab wall color anymore. A few tips can improve the look of your powder room, as well as the reflection you see in its mirror.

Lighting choices

Quoizel lighting How to Choose the Right Paint and Lighting for Your Bathroom

  • Vanity lights provide the most light, and make mornings more delightful. With a full glow on your face, you can see any makeup or shaving mistakes you make. Be sure to use lightbulbs with a combined 150 watts or more, for maximum glow.
  • Mount sconces or pendant lights on either side of the mirror to cast even light on your face. Down lighting is preferred to upward-facing lights, which really only bathe the ceiling in light.
  • Ceiling-mounted or recessed lights are not the best choice for a bathroom, since it most likely won’t reflect enough light in front of the mirror. Additionally, recessed lights can cast shadows where you don’t want to see them.
  • Chandeliers are a recent trend in bathroom lighting. They can add class and style to your décor, but if used alone, a chandelier is not the best light source. However, if a chandelier is hung as a decorative element in addition to other lighting sources, it can add a layer of desirable light.

Wall color

  • Plain white walls may seem boring, but they are a great choice for a small bathroom. Not only that, but white walls provide a blank canvas for amping up your décor. If it’s just not exciting enough for you, but you still want to keep a neutral bathroom color, opt for whites with tints of pink or yellow.
  • Although an all-pink bathroom is really not the best choice, a pale pink with a hint of yellow is flattering to the complexion, and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. If you just can’t bring yourself to do all-pink, consider painting an accent wall – say, behind the mirror and bathroom lighting – to make it easier on the eyes.Aqua Bathroom House of Turquoise 580x457 How to Choose the Right Paint and Lighting for Your Bathroom
  • Aqua mixes blue and green and evokes a feeling like you’re in the sea – or at the spa. A supremely calming color, aqua walls in a bathroom can make a relaxing bath feel like a dip in a tropical ocean. A pale shade of aqua will make the room look bigger, and aqua with gold tones will warm it up. Paint trim in a creamy off-white to make the blue-green shade pop.
  • Darker colors, like browns, tans and grays may seem like dismal choices, but they can work really well in a bathroom. If paired with the right shade of white as a trim color, a lighter shade of brown or gray can make the room feel larger.
  • For the most part, avoid all shades of green or yellow, as they have a tendency to make your skin look pale and sickly. It’s also a good idea to avoid red shades in the bathroom, since the bathroom is a place to relax. Red colors have a tendency to agitate people, and will do nothing to improve the look of your complexion. It should go without saying that black is not even an option.

Nobody wants to look bad, and if you have the right colors on the walls and the right bathroom lighting, you can be sure to always look your best. If you’re not sure about a color, take several samples home and put them against the wall once your new bathroom lighting is installed.

Bathroom Vanities: Different Types For You To Consider

A master double vanity in your new or remodeled bathroom will give you added convenience while it increases the value of your home. Twin sinks and a larger master vanity make it easier for couples to use this area of the bathroom at the same time.

There are several styles of double vanities to choose from that will work with your decor in the master bathroom:

  • Antique and traditional designs
  • Transitional styles
  • Modern designs which may include vessel sinks

Antique and traditional styles

This is the elegant look with scrolled legs, floral onlays and antique drawer pulls. Ample cabinet space allows for the storage of paper products and towels. Drawers provide more storage space for personal care products, make-up and other items.

The countertop can be granite, tile or laminate. Set-in sinks are usually traditional oval designs with faucets in a variety of antique styles. The buttercream finish on the VAN 061 model above features a handmade crackle appearance for a genuine antique look.

Traditional style vanities also come in dark wood tones and they can be set on the floor without legs. The traditional design master double vanity can also come with two sets of drawers and one center cabinet.

The VAN040D-25E-72 above is an example of a floor level vanity with reed column accents. The carvings are simple yet elegant for this traditional design from Luxury Living Direct. The vanity is made from composite wood and it is easy to clean. The cabinets curve out to offer more shelve space. This vanity is 74-1/4 inches wide and 23-1/4 inches deep. It stands 34-3/4 inches tall and comes with sinks.

Most master double vanities in traditional designs measure 70 to 90 inches wide and they can fit comfortably between walls in a bathroom.

Transitional designs

The transitional design features a modern touch but includes more traditional values such as dark wood. This style comes in a variety of sizes to fit most bathrooms with a master double vanity. It also blends well with your decor since is combines the modern with a more traditional appearance.

The Victoria model shown above features an Italian Carrara marble countertop over solid wood oak cabinetry. This master double vanity measures 60 inches wide and it can provide twin sinks in a smaller bathroom. It offers clean, modern lines and good storage space with four soft closing cabinet doors and three drawers. This vanity comes with the basins, twin mirrors and fixtures.

Transitional design vanities usually rest on the floor and have closed cabinets for shelves. There are exceptions such as the Hampton design which has small legs supporting the 70 inch long vanity. Transitional master double vanities can also be found in lighter woods.

Modern design vanities

Popular modern design vanities often feature vessel sinks on wall mounted units. They may feature open shelving perfect for access to towels and paper products. The modern master double vanities can also have legs or sit on the floor.

The Cambridge 60 vanity shown above comes with the two square vessel sinks, fixtures and the solid wood cabinet in dark Espresso finish. The mirrors and open wall shelves are included along with faucets, supply lines and drains.

Vessel sinks fit on top of the vanity with holes for drain pipes. They can be made from anything that will hold water but glass and ceramic are the most common products. Vessel sink shapes are limited only to the imagination.

Most vessel sinks are round, rectangular or oval shaped and shell sinks are gaining in popularity. Modern master double vanities are designed for either vessel or set-in sinks. The vanities created for vessel sinks often have more counter space. Fixtures are often single-lever faucets.

The 61-inch Clarissa model above features four drawers and two cabinet doors in solid honey oak. The countertop is tempered glass or white stone with two white ceramic vessel sinks. It is finished with brushed nickel fixtures and comes with twin mirrors on a matching honey oak support. This is an example of using light wood and straight simple lines for a modern master bathroom.

The Opal 48 double sink is one of the smallest modern styles available that will change a compact bathroom into a double master. The wall-mounted vanity is only 47.2-inches wide and made in solid eco-friendly rubberwood. The artificial white stone counter features two set-in sinks and fixtures.

The Cambridge 63-inch double sink is an ultra-modern array style with floor legs in white wood with a glass top and basins. The vanity has nine drawers and two doors. Mirrors and fixtures are included.

Explore Luxury Living Direct for a complete line of master double vanities from leading manufacturers for your new bathroom or remodel. Vanities come in all sizes and are often complete with basins, fixtures, plumbing lines and mirrors.

Bathroom Restyle on a Budget

Is it time for a budget bathroom restyle?

Remodeling the bathroom may seem like an easy enough place to start, after all, it is usually the smallest room in the house. You may be surprised to know that a bathroom remodel can run into five figures quite easily, and it is not uncommon for a project to reach $15,000 or more. If this is not the budget that you had in mind, don’t worry. With planning and creativity, you can spend much less than that, and have a beautiful new bathroom that may just become your favorite room in the house.

So where should you start?

The first step is to decide on a firm budget and stick to it. Do this first. By determining your budget ahead of time, you will actually make the process of deciding what you want to change in your bathroom easier. Having a fixed budget means that you won’t waste time on things that don’t fit into your budget, and you will determine what is important to you, making it easier to prioritize.

One of the best ways to keep your budget from getting out of hand is to work with your existing setup. Costs go up drastically when you start making major changes to the plumbing, electrical system or overall construction of the room. Replacing a bathtub or vanity is one thing, moving it from one part of the room to another is entirely different.

Don’t skimp on quality.

While staying on budget is important, it is also important that you are happy with your finished result. If you have your heart set on a beautiful new bathtub or vanity, make sure that it is a good one. Keeping costs low in other areas means that you can splurge a bit on a focal item such as a new tub.

am128 2 1 Bathroom Restyle on a Budget

With that said, a budget bathroom restyle does require some creativity. If, for example, you have fallen in love with some beautiful decorative tile that is quite expensive, you don’t have to choose between either going over budget or denying yourself what you want. Get creative. Instead of tiling your whole bathroom with the decorative tile, choose a less expensive white tile, and then mix in the decorative tile, either in a strip along the wall, or in a pattern mixed in with the white tile. Not only will this save you money, but the decorative tile will really pop against the white background.

The little things make a big difference

Some of the least expensive changes can make a huge difference. The right paint color can completely transform the room, and it is a relatively inexpensive upgrade. Other touches that make a big difference are new window treatments and other decorative touches. While you are in the planning process, be sure to do your research and get lots of ideas. Websites like Pinterest are great for finding inspiration, as well as home decorating magazines. When you find something you like, save it. A little searching should yield plenty of budget bathroom restyle ideas.

Choose a focal piece and let it inspire the rest of your design.

This focal piece may be that pedestal bathtub you have always wanted, or a beautiful and unique vanity. Use this as a starting off point for your decor, something that will guide the rest of your choices. Whether you are looking for clean and modern design, or something more eclectic or traditional, this focal point will take center stage in the room.

hardware resources van050 2 Bathroom Restyle on a Budget

Remember, your budget bathroom restyle will be successful if you stick to your budget, use your imagination, prioritize and work with what you have. If you hire a contractor, get references and let them know you have a firm budget. Don’t forget that the little things, such as fixtures, window treatments and paint often have the biggest impact. Plan well, and enjoy your new bathroom.

Cabinet Installation Tips for Newbies

Custom cabinetry is one of the easiest ways to make your home beautiful and add personal touches. Whether creating a wall mounted cabinet for your knickknacks, or installing a bottom cabinet vanity in the bathroom, there are a few standard steps you can take to make the process easier. Follow these easy cabinet install tips to ensure your build goes smoothly.

fairmont designs 104 wv26 3 Cabinet Installation Tips for Newbies

At the Beginning

  • Out with the old – make sure to remove old cabinets carefully. Damaging walls or utilities during your removal can turn an easy cabinet install into a DIY nightmare. Proper removal will save you time and money down the road.
  • Know where to begin – beginner installers are recommended to start with the wall cabinets before installing bottom cabinets. This makes items easier to reach and access.
  • Start with the bare minimum – remove doors, hardware, and shelves to begin with. Cabinetry is much easier to install without moving parts of extra weight.
  • Create a plan – map out your kitchen or bath, and create a plan around existing fixtures and other cabinets. Don’t try the “install and hope it fits” method. Many cabinet retailers can assist you in creating a plan, and there is also software online if you prefer.
  • Get a helping hand – cabinet installation should really be a two person job. Even if that second person does nothing but hold the cabinet in place during measurement and installation, that second set of hands may be the best investment yet.
  • Gather everything first – assemble all the tools and supplies you will need before starting. Having to drop everything to go grab a drill, or installing half the screws and then finding out your are short will make the job time consuming and frustrating. Create a list and gather all of your supplies and tools to start with.
  • Ask expert advice – ask for advice when purchasing your cabinets. Professional cabinet sellers and installers have been doing this for years and are happy to share their knowledge. Check out their websites too for some great guidelines and enjoy the time it saves you later.

fairmont designs 104 wv26 6 Cabinet Installation Tips for Newbies

Install and Finish

  • Use a finish nail – if you don’t have a stud finder, use a finish nail to create a small hold and find the studs behind your wall. Make sure to hit the stud directly when screwing in the cabinet.
  • Add some extra - use a 1×2 or 1×3, often referred to as a cleat, to help support the extra cabinet weight.
  • Create a benchmark - when installing more than one cabinet, a slight tilt can become quickly pronounced. Create a benchmark level line from the base wall across, so that you have an easy cabinet install that is flush.
  • Cabinet shims – just because your brand new cabinets are completely level and straight, that doesn’t mean your house is too. Use shims to accommodate bows and dips in the wall and floor. Most shims start at 3/8 inch.
  • Filler - cabinets come with a filler piece called a scribe. Use this piece to cover larger gaps and use material like caulk to fill hairline gaps, creating a flush seal against the wall.
  • Hardware – the hardware use in your cabinets take the biggest beating in daily use. Make sure you choose high quality hardware that is durable and can stand the tasks of frequent opening and shutting.
  • Organize - there are many different cabinet organization options to help maximize the space of deeper cabinets and keep everything tidy. Try a lazy Susan for corner cabinets and canned goods, or a spice rack to keep all those small bottles from falling on your head.

md 499 g es 2 Cabinet Installation Tips for Newbies

By remembering the easy cabinet install tips, you will ensure that your remodel process goes off without a hitch. If you are ever in doubt, make sure to call in a professional installer for cabinets, water, and electrical issues. It’s important to get the job done right the first time to avoid costly repairs and wasted time. When choosing your cabinets, there are many modern looks available, as well as traditional and classic styles to accommodate any room. Talk to your local cabinet expert to learn more.

Source: http://www.diynetwork.com/kitchen/10-kitchen-cabinet-tips/pictures/index.html

Master Bathroom Double Vanity Designs

Envisioning your perfect master bathroom doesn’t have to remain a dream. With proper planning and a good budget, you can bring your vision to reality. Statistics show that most people spend more than 30 minutes a day in their bathroom, with some lingering over an hour a day. With so much of your time spent there, shouldn’t you make it into a retreat you enjoy? Achieving those results takes a little effort to make it work.

Mental Shopping

Before you buy your first tile or pull out the sink, you have to decide exactly what you want to achieve with your design. You may have an idea of what you like and what you don’t, but having a clear vision of what you want is important. Setting goals for what you want to create can help you make decisions. If you already know what you are looking for, start browsing for items that fit your vision. Color schemes, fixtures, tubs, master double vanity, toilets, everything should be planned out in advance. If you don’t know quite what you want, try looking online at bathroom designs to get a clearer picture of what appeals to you.

Make a Plan

Whether you use a design program or just a sheet of paper, measure it out and create a template to know what space you have available. Depending on where things are placed, you may have to change things around or face major expenses trying to relocate drains and plumbing. But often times you can find a layout that works without major renovations. Draw it out to see how it works for you. You can even cut out or print pictures of the items you really like to see how they work together. Creating a scrapbook or Pinterest board of items can help you clearly see your vision. Large items, such as your tub, shower and master double vanity should be placed first to help with spacing.

Making a Match

Coordinating your theme is a personal choice. Whether you are looking to create a Zen retreat or a Modern design, it’s important to make sure that all of your choices flow together to create a space you love. Selecting the right master double vanity can give you a jumping off point for the rest of your design. You want a look that will be appealing as well as functional.

os 8119b Master Bathroom Double Vanity Designs   For a Zen retreat feel, the Cambridge Plumbing 63 inch Solid Wood Double Bathroom Vanity Set with the raised basins may work for you. This is beautiful with plenty of storage to keep your bathroom products tucked away. The raised basin style is become popular for their unique look and beauty.     hardware resources van040d 14e 3 1 Master Bathroom Double Vanity Designs

If you find a more traditional or antique look appealing, this Hardware Resources VAN040D-25E – 72″ Tesla Double Bathroom Vanity in Walnut may be the solution. This beautiful master double vanity has a look that can work with a traditional, antique, or even country theme.


Once you have selected a master double vanity that has the look and feel you want in your bathroom, you can build the other items around it.

Making Choices

There are some choices you have to make depending on cost, space, and personal preference. Some choose to have a separate tub and shower. You may choose to not have a tub, only a standing shower. If you do select a tub, you have to determine what type of tub you are interested in.

am168 2 1 Master Bathroom Double Vanity Designs vtu 1170 1 Master Bathroom Double Vanity Designs A corner whirlpool tub may work for your layout and needs better than a standard tub. For a spa retreat feel, you may want to skip the jets and go with a soaker tub.

Both of these options require a separate shower, should you choose to have one. So space may be an issue. However, creating a separate shower space allows for even more spa like features. This Ariel Platinum DS204 Steam Shower can truly make you feel like you are at the spa.

ds204 2 1 Master Bathroom Double Vanity Designs

Make your master bath a retreat you want to escape to by considering how the master double vanity, the tub, and the shower all go together. The over all look should flow together for a look that is functional as well as looking good.

Once you have coordinated your master double vanity, your tub and/or shower, you can select the touches that will make your design complete. Take into consideration the lighting fixtures, additional storage, function, and flow of the room. Your master bath should offer you the luxury and comfort you need to take you away without leaving your home.

Easy Weekend Bathroom Makeover for Holiday Guests

If you’re like most people, you look at your home through a different pair of eyes when guests are due to arrive, taking note of which rooms need cleaning, decluttering or sprucing up. For the biggest return on your investment, focus on areas where your company is sure to spend time, such as the guest bedroom, bathroom and common areas of the house, rather than worrying about clearing up behind the scenes. If you’re short on time, a weekend bathroom makeover can have a big impact, and after your company leaves, you’ll be left with a whole new space that may just inspire you to make a few other changes around your home.

Where to Begin

Whether you choose to plan out your weekend bathroom makeover on paper, or using 3D computer design software, you’ll need a clear vision of the end result you wish to achieve, in order for your project to be successful. Before you map out your new bathroom configuration however, it’s imperative that you begin my mapping out the current floor plan, with detailed, accurate measurements and dimensions of the space, and the fixtures within.

With this information in front of you, you can then begin to source out those items you wish to replace, knowing exactly how much space you have to work with. A weekend bathroom makeover is no time to start a major renovation, so keep it simple, by keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Avoid major plumbing work by keeping the layout of the bathroom the same.
  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • The beauty is in the details; choose a fabric for your window treatment and/or shower curtain and draw inspiration for paint and cabinetry from there.
  • Plan ahead as to how you will dispose of old materials such as your vanity, sink, toilet or other large items.

Gather Your Materials

A weekend bathroom makeover doesn’t leave much time for dashing back and forth to your local hardware or home building center, so be sure you have all the tools and materials you’ll need before you begin. Here is a potential checklist to get you started:

  • Paint, trays, tray liners, brushes, rollers.
  • Standard toolkit including: hammer, screwdriver, wrenches.
  • Plastic sheeting to make clean up a breeze and protect areas adjacent to the work area.
  • New fixtures. Be sure to read the instructions carefully, so you can pick up any items not including in the packaging.

5 Great Weekend Bathroom Makeover Ideas

1. Update the vanity. This is easily one of the most important elements in the room, providing a place to get ready at the start of the day, while providing storage for the numerous items you and your guests need to keep on hand. Pay close attention to measurements, and choose accordingly, with options ranging from a single unit to a more spacious double vanity for larger rooms.

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Source: Luxury Living Direct (LuxuryLivingDirect.com)

2. Showcase your sink. Whether you opt for an undermount unit, or choose to make a more bold statement, your choice of sink will impact the overall design of your weekend bathroom makeover. A vessel sink can give you a big bang for your buck, sure to be a showstopper and made from materials such as travertine or Carrara marble.

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Source: Luxury Living Direct (LuxuryLivingDirect.com)

3. Accessorize. Luxurious towels, scented candles, vanity accessories and even your choice of towel bars can add an extra layer of lush to your weekend bathroom makeover, while allowing your personal taste and style to shine through.

4. Add some sparkle. Every bathroom needs a little extra shine. An elegant chandelier can provide additional lighting and glamor, while polished hardware or faucets help to artfully reflect the light, giving your bathroom that five star hotel feel.

5. Pamper your guests. Make friends and family feel extra special with elements like fresh flowers, personal size toiletries, or towel warmer, for the ultimate after-shower experience.

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Source: Luxury Living Direct (LuxuryLivingDirect.com)

With the proper planning and preparation, and two days of your time, a weekend bathroom makeover can transform one of the more utilitarian rooms in your home in to an elegant oasis, sure to impress your guests, add to your resale value, and provide inspiration for future projects.

Teen Bathroom Vanity and Cabinet Design Ideas

Have you ever walked into your teenager’s bathroom only to feel like you are being attacked by tubes of bright makeup, bottles of sweet-smelling lotion and oodles of tangled hair doo-dads? How many times have you uttered, “Clean up this bathroom,” only to be met with rolling eyes and long sighs?

Perhaps a different teen bathroom vanity would make it easier for your sweet child to organize herself, bringing peace for both of you. If you are considering a bathroom remodel, thinking about the needs your teen has is a great place to begin. Answer these questions:

  1. If he is a boy, does he spend time adjusting his hair and carefully shaving or does he just splash some water on him and go?
  2. For a girl, does she use multiple hair driers or curlers that require a plug? How much product does she use and will she need a place to store additional items like jewelry or lotion?
  3. What kind of space do you have to work with and how can it be maximized?

The answers to these questions will help guide you in setting priorities for what should be in your newly designed bathroom.

Here’s some options for a new teen bathroom vanity that might just help you get started in the design process:

Fairmont Designs Tuxedo Bathroom Vanity

fairmont designs 102 v20 4 1 Teen Bathroom Vanity and Cabinet Design Ideas

 This sleek cabinet and vanity set is great for small spaces and offers a lot of storage options. Clean lines, white finishing and subtle details give this set a bright, sophisticated look that can match any decor your teen chooses.

The standard set comes with the cabinet vanity, china sink and all important mirror. Throw in the optional linen tower and bath valet and you get a plenty of room for electronics, bath gels, extra towels and whatever else a teen needs to get ready in the morning. Having the tower and vanity separate gives you flexibility in arrangement so a set like this will work even in unusually shaped bathrooms.

Carolina Estate Double Vanity Set

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 Made from durable oak wood with a marble counter-top, this double bathroom vanity set delivers copious amounts of space for resting curling irons, hair dryers, makeup stands and anything else a teen might use on a busy morning. The soft gray color would compliment almost any bathroom design, no matter if your teen is a boy or a girl. And if there are two teens using  this teen bathroom vanity, the two sink and two mirror design might just cut down on the daily bickering.

The four drawers and open space underneath allows for multiple storage arrangements and even has space for wire or wicker baskets you can use for holding those extra necessities.

Silkroad Double Bathroom Vanity

73 jb 0271 wm uwc 2 Teen Bathroom Vanity and Cabinet Design IdeasWhen your teen says she can’t clean up her bathroom because she has no space for anything, get her this teen bathroom vanity and put an end to that excuse.

With an abundant 14 drawers and two doors that open into small cabinets, this beautiful set has a place for everything and then some. She could move half her bedroom into a bathroom like this and take all the time she needs to get primped and proper for her day ahead.

Mom and Dad will love the modern look of the combination of distressed wood and natural stone in the marble counter-top.

Remodeling a bathroom is a great way to give a teenager his or her own space. Letting them be a part of the process is even better. After you get started with a great teen bathroom vanity, let both of your imaginations run wild. Don’t be afraid to add some bold colors and use non-traditional decor like wall hangings or photographs. Add in funky shower accessories, and especially a water-proof music player and you have got a room your teem with joyfully jump out of bed to get to (well, maybe).

Of course, bathrooms have their own challenges, so when remodeling one, you should always make sure you have a licensed plumber to handle any plumbing changes. Some other tips for remodeling include:

  • Start with a budget that will guide you on how much you are willing to spend on a new teen bathroom vanity.
  • Don’t forget how simply changing items like light fixtures and towel bars can make a difference in the look and feel of the room.
  • Buy products like floor tiles that can withstand the warm moist environment a bathroom naturally has.

Finally, enjoy the process. Your teen won’t be a teen for long and working together on a bathroom remodel might just create some great memories for years to come.